Also includes Merlin but whatever, going on my superwholock board

I've pinned this before but I'll pin it again. Don't tell me how to live my life pinterest

Fandoms by age (Although the Hannibal fandom must mean the tv show and not the book series., but the tv series is brilliant so far!)>>> The ages only get longer. 11 years for Supernatural now, I believe

Haha! Yep! :'(

If you don't think this is true, you're not watching the right shows》》》 *cough* merlin *cough* sherlock

4x13 "After School Special" and 9x07 "Bad Boys" how Sam and Dean remember Sam and Dean

"After School Special" and "Bad Boys" how Sam and Dean remember Sam and Dean^^^YES THIS!<<<I just saw bad boys and I was wondering why sam was portrayed so young!

I'm certified to do either of those. LOOKS LIKE IM GUNNA BE THE ONE SAVING THE SHERLOCKIANS (after a few drinks myself)

I swear the Doctor Who, Supernatural, and Sherlock fandoms infect everything! (Note I am in the Doctor Who fandom!


That started off inspirational and then took a nose dive into the fandom pit. Still pretty inspirational when you think about it.

PPS and we won't wait a thousand years to save you, love the Merlin fandom. PPPS. If we can't save you, we will avenge you. Love, The Avenger fandom. PPPPS. You Muggles are all so cute. We'll put Shield Charms all around the rooftop. Party on guys, we got you. Love, The Harry Potter fandom.

If you die, we won't wait a thousand years for you to return. Love, the Merlin fandom" "PPPS If by our life or death we can protect you, we will. Love, the LOTR fandom." <-- just keeps getting better & better!

too soon with the burning ceiling. too fucking soon

Being a fangirl/guy is dangerous- homestuck wins<- how about no, supernatural always wins


Tumblr Tuesday 8-22

Pizza and my favorite caffeinated beverage for the weather and I'm heading straight for the f**king rocks without a second thought.


well, im... maybe a potato

My Hero Academia x Soul Eater - Kaminari, Bakugou, Midoriya & Todoroki

My Hero Academia x Soul Eater - Kaminari, Bakugou, Midoriya & Todoroki