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Use a circle template and an embossing tool to shape printed circles into miniature dollhouse paper plates.

Perfumery Dollhouse Printable Boxes | Dollhouse Food Printables Printable heart designs for

Printable miniature designs (available as pdfs) for miniature scale tissue papers, great for cupcake wrappers, dollhouse packaging.

Snowfern Clover - miniature foods 1:12 and BJD scales: Tutorial: Paper Doilies

Make your own miniature doilies DIY - a lot of work but could have different colors and types of paper this way - includes printable pattern

Gunston Hall Small Whole Beans Can Label 1lb 3 oz Frederickburg VA | eBay

Gunston Hall Small Whole Beans Can Label 1lb. 3 oz. Frederickburg, Va

dollhouse printable boxes | More dollhouse printables - Lisää nukkekodin printattavia

Minna's Doll World - Minnan nukkemaailma: Printable boxes - Printattavia laatikoita