insleebydesign: “ New illustration for Jacques Levine, featured in Matchbook mag december issue!

Inslee Haynes- Like the wall pattern, the black shades, the lamps, console table, floral piece, the ceramics and the vignette in general.......Like the feel.  Like her outfit too...haha..

Inslee Haynes (Looks like Barbie in a high-end vignette right out of her big Barbie Mansion).

Новые рисунки от Inslee Haynes / рисунки моды

Новые рисунки от Inslee Haynes / рисунки моды

J’adore this print by fashion illustrator, Inslee Haynes…it beautifully depicts one of life’s simple pleasures…the perfect Sunday morning… filled with Sunday morning style~

Curso de costura a domicilio para ti y tus amigas en la Comunidad de Madrid

I see myself in this illustration, a stylish girl sewing garments. And also pinning fun fabrics that inspire her on a board by the sewing machine!

Fashion illustration of Dior fashion lady by Houston fashion illustrator Rongrong DeVoe

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Fashion illustration of a fashion lady in Dior outfit in front of a Dior store front! If you are a Dior lover like me, this illustration is