Use a dowel rack to hold S hooks to hold rings, bracelets and necklaces. (still thinking about how to store post earrings in sight, as well.)

Racks and RAK's

A simple dowel system keeps ribbon accessible and looking organized. The little "buckets" from IKEA hold ribbon scraps.

My sewing room and a little inspiration | Sew Chic and Unique

Ribbon storage using Closetmaid pantry organizers. I would have staggered them between each other so it takes up less wall space.

DIY Ribbon Crafts : DIY Ribbon Storage

How to DIY ribbon storage solution using wood dowels and cafe rod brackets. A simple DIY craft tutorial idea that will look great in your craft room! I have had my ribbon stored like this for years,

This simple ribbon rack can be made in less than 30 minutes and costs under $15 (depending on the size and number of rails required).

Simple ribbon holder option two. The only thing I would change about this one would be to add stoppers to the ends of the dowel rods.

craft room storage ideas | Craft

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Ribbon Storage by sophiewoman

Great Idea to repurpose left over molding / Ribbon-Storage or for jars of buttons, etc. the molding would make me less worried about knocking something off

How cute is this for pretty ribbon?  or for temporary wrapping projects.

Clever Storage Solutions You'd Never Expect

Get Creative with Unexpected Storage Solutions Ribbon Storage Use a hand-towel rack to easily store ribbon spools. Unscrew the caps on either side to slide on the spools; the caps keep them from sliding off. Let the coils neatly fall into the base.

Stamp Room Punch Storage-this stamper has some clever and useful storage ideas

A Visit To My New Stamp Room & Some Blog Candy

Stamp Room Punch Storage - uses extendable curtain rods on the side of a shelf such as the Ikea Expedit.

{Craft Organization} How to Make a Wooden Ribbon Rack Holder | Bowdabra Blog

{Craft Organization} How to Make a Wooden Ribbon Rack Holder