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Mood Ring--I had several

If you were alive in the chances are you had a mood ring or saw one. Mood rings are rings with a stone that changes color, supposedly in response to your emotions. Here's a look at how mood rings work and whether they really can tell how you.

Brooke & I used to play with these for hours.  I had some grey bears.

Sylvanian Families/Calico Critters - great girl toys of the I remember having these and having no idea what they were called LOL. Now my daughter is in love with the calico critters line!


Vintage retro 1980s bluebird big yellow teapot toy no furniture

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Waterfall ring toss. This thing never worked properly... also the water tasted soapy.

water ring toss was just one of these water games, I had a couple, they were pretty fun.before video games of course. oh, the things that entertained us

Do you remember this?

I remember this game! So much fun yet so tricky at the same time

Originally a cat toy. Had a very unique smell too.

The Gifts You Wanted To Open Christmas Day

Koosh balls, which were always thrown by selecting one string as using it to launch the whole thing across the room. I loved this toy!

Cabbage Patch Kids... mine was a girl with red hair in pigtail braids... and the name she came with was a doozy: "Fanny Bliss" ... haha!

Cabbage Patch Kids

EVERYONE had a cabbage patch doll. 10 Retro Eighties Toys You Wish You Still Had For Your Kids- I still have my version-Crimp n' curl cabbage patch doll