Succulent plantings include red-edged Echeveria subrigida ‘Fire and Ice’ and deep purple Aeonium arboreum ‘Zwartkop.’ Photo by Ann Summa.

A. Echeveria 'Mauna Loa' -- 1 B. Graptoveria acaulis -- 2 C. Echeveria lilacina -- 1 D. Silver squill (Ledebouria socialis) --1 E. Paddle plant (Kalanchoe luciae) -- 1

Succulent Container Garden: Tray Bien - unusual succulents of variegated leaves and sculptural foliage (A) Echeveria 'Mauna Loa' (B) Graptoveria acaulis (C) Echeveria lilacina (D) Silver squill (Ledebouria socialis) (E) Paddle plant (Kalanchoe luciae)

Echeveria Living Wreath - Flora Pacifica, family owned and operated, located on the Oregon Coast, grows a wide variety of cut flowers and herbs. -

Living Wreath Echeveria Succulent Wreaths This unique wreath requires very little care and can be displayed by either hanging or placing in a saucer or plate. This living wreath has a range of beautiful foliage that will never wilt, fade or dry out.

Agave americana medio-picta alba and Echeveria 'Paul Bunyon' by Joyce-Tex-Buckner on Flickr

Aloe Cacti Agave Seeds, Rare Succulent Cactus Bonsai Flower Seeds Agave-americana Potted Agave Plants for Home Garden

succulents bouquet - fabulous - Lindsay Farrer Photography

succulents bouquet - fabulous - Lindsay Farrer Photography

Levitate Your Subjects

Many of the spirals found in nature are based on the logarithmic principles of the Golden Section, such as the receding body of a plant as seen in this bokeh image.