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Things I wish I'd never read...

Funny pictures about This Ruined My Life. Oh, and cool pics about This Ruined My Life. Also, This Ruined My Life photos.

Tickld - Spread Laughter and Cure Boredom

I need to move on from call me maybe.>>> I made a song courus: Hey I just threw a grape in the a-air It hit a spider and now I'm scared and all the other times I was okay but now there's a spider on my face!

yeah you know the education system is bad when you get kids doing this to themselves

thats one way to get out of a new class I suppose. That kid is going places.

Oh my goodness

I think about how they need to make quieter packaging every time I open a pad. Seriously though it can't be that hard to make quiet packaging. --- "who the fuck is eating chips in here?

Clever! @Dani Magniza

Ba-Dum Ping!


Who knew, right? Also there can be some really dirty jokes in his works. They're anything but boring. He made a yo mamma joke are we sure Shakespeare is not a time traveler.

A blind man's nature poem... I can't stop laughing... i shouldn't laugh, But I am...

Blind poetry…I hate that I found this hilarious - so un-PC! But hey, if the boy can have a sense of humour about it, then I will enjoy the heck out of it!

The 25 Weirdest Things That Have Happened On Late Night Tumblr

The 25 Weirdest Things That Have Happened On Late Night Tumblr

Reminds me of an epic essay my brother's friend wrote in college while on several substances and no sleep for three days . <--- I want to read this beauty you speak of !