Lucille Ball Publicity Shot, 1940's

Lucille Ball Publicity Shot, 1940's

Lucille Ball! My favorite actress! :) Such a beauty and an excellent actor at that! :) I adore her :)

Lucille Ball: Before we all "Loved Lucy" she was a serious actress. Then she met Desi, and the rest is TV history.

Dear Old Hollywood: Lucille Ball's Dressing Room - Behind the Scenes Look

Lucille Ball as Lucy Ricardo in I Love Lucy movie-and-tv-characters-who-feel-more-like-friends

all of America was in tears over this episode

Ricky and Lucy (Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball), I Love Lucy--episode when Lucy tells Ricky their having a baby.

Lucille Ball, circa 1940. Wearing Joseff of Hollywood jewelry.  See beautiful pics like this in soon to be released Joseff of Hollywood book...  Pre-order Joseff of Hollywood: Putting the Tinsel in Tinseltown  By Michele Joseff

Lucille Ball in the I pinned her because she was very important with her roles as a fashion icon and a popular actress. This picture also illustrates how women's hair was curled and pulled back.

Funny and beautiful

I love Lucy

A biography of film star Lucille Ball focusing on her days before I Love Lucy on television, accompanied by images of and Lucille Ball Movie Cards and Movie Collectibles.

Good picture of our Maggie, back in the day.

Young Dame Maggie Smith (professor Minerva McGonagall in Harry Potter or also known as cousin or aunt Violet in Downton Abbey)