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Main protagonist in concept based half of the video will wear an animal mask head. This will make the concept half of our video more interesting and add comedic value.

My Kinda Engagement Pictures

My musical format of choice is, was and will probably always be, vinyl. Now I don’t necessarily mean this in some music-elitist, pretentious way; a large part of my love for vinyl is sentimental. One of my favorite things to do as a kid with my grandma was to go through her record collection. I would pull out my favorites and we would listen and sing along to them; we called it “solid gold”. Clearly, my grandma assisted on naming that one. However, I am so grateful for this time because…

A lot of hipster style revolves around a very vintage focus. They implement a lot of popular things from past decades and bring them back to popularity, putting a fresh twist on old things.


Well fuck you / Black & White Photography

Doctor Ojiplatico. Educación Sentimental para la Niña de tus Ojos

[Image: girl, dancing, in giant eye costume. Note the hands: one giving “thumbs-up!” sign, one holding a cocktail. I have no idea if this is an advertising image or what;

zip line, zip lining, vintage photography, vintage, black and white, vintage zip line, summer,

A zipline date, c. (wait are zipline dates a thing?

Oregon Coast Engagement | Photo by Nikita Lee Photography | Read more -  http://www.100layercake.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/Oregon-Coast-Engagement-Session

Gorgeous woodsy engagement photo in black and white. Lots of glowing light.

Mad unicorn women at play ;

Fuck you Wolfhead girl.

What 17 Photographers Managed To Capture On Film Will Give You Serious…

someone please tell me - what's with all the animal head photos? People with animal heads are creepier than any of the horror photos I have on my boards.