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Afbeeldingsresultaat voor glitter cliparts elfjes

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor glitter cliparts elfjes

I've been doing it right all along :)

Yep, it was always scary to me when my mom whispered to me thru her grinding teeth when I was doing something really really bad in public. "You Just wait until we get home" LOL my poor small kids all at once.

Hahaha this will be me

I'll be sitting around knitting, THEN press my Life Alert button while I wait for the hot firefighters to show up!


I try to keep an open mind about everything except grammar, spelling, and punctuation. My curse for being a teacher my ultimate pet peeve!

well if you aren't going anywhere (and even if you are) why bother putting anything else on!

Even I just jeans fleece top on lol

My birthday... cake Vodka is all I need! :)

Will always accept wine

I just laughed out loud.really loud bahahaha! THIS is funny shit!

Unfortunately, that's about what I've been doing lately!

While I've been recovering from the flu, Diddly Squats have been a part of my daily exercise routine!

Didn't realize I was reading the chart incorrectly this whole time.

According to this BMI chart.

remembering all the words to every song from the '80s but forgetting why you walked in the room

story of my life! So me!


50 shades of grey baby boom.too funny

"It doesn’t surprise me anymore when someone says they only wear yoga pants; it surprises me when someone wears something other than yoga pants. I mean, WHY?"

7 Reasons Yoga Pants Are A Mommy Must

My yoga pants don't know how to do yoga.

I want to say this. ALL THE TIME.

I hate when people give me encouragement. I feel like saying, "Shut up, I know I can do it, I just don't want to." encouragement funny leave me alone humor

But Why?

Why I love the south.

Fun, interesting and awesome photos

Texas forever  @Chenin Holtzworth Holtzworth Holtzworth Harrison

Clear eyes full hearts can't lose - Texas Forever Coach Taylor's words of wisdom Friday Night Lights