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Boyfriend material Jimin is one of the best Jimin

Happy Birthday ChimChim, our precious mochi. We love you and your beautiful voice, your accidents on stage and most important: your personality.

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Luhan’s Cats Notes: The gray cat is a Russian Blue. Luhan had the gray cat, then the yellow. There are no official names for the cats as Luhan said they do not respond to their names.

Jiminie is so adorable sleeping ❤️❤️

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박지민: is a sexy busan namja but oh man holy shit he is such a cutiepie looks like a lil boy here ♥♥

—Bueno, los rusos estaban metiéndose a la fuerza en su territorio

Esencia Negra (Jikook/Kookmin) - CAPITULO 56

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Omg he looks so good #jimin#bts#bangtan#parkjimin#지민

I was physically assaulted by this photo JIMIN BTS