The Triple Horn of Odin is a stylized emblem of the Norse God Odin/Woden. The horns figure in the mythological stories of Odin and are recalled in traditional Norse toasting rituals.

Celtic Zoos Falcon/Hawk

Celtic Animal Zodiac- Falcon/Hawk for Kieran, Deer for Kenzie, Fox for Kolbie & Kyler, and Seahorse for myself. I had been pretty settled on wanting Native American totem animals, but Irish/Celtic makes more sense ;

Viking dragon

would be a cool tattoo also. This would be beautiful done in batiks on a quilt. Viking Dragon by ~vikingtattoo on deviantART

Trinity Knot

Norse, Viking or Scandinavian mythology comprises the indigenous pre-Christian religion, beliefs.

Urnes Thorshammer by DarkSunTattoo

Urnes Thorshammer by ~DarkSunTattoo on deviantART Meant to be a tattoo but I see an awesome needle work pattern

Odins Horns done with Faber Castell Pens and Prismacolor Markers. Original Midgard serpent concept by Viking Tattoos.Such a great idea I had to recreate it for this design

Tattoos and doodles: Horns of Odin 2

A slightly different version of the horns of Odin , in a bit simplified style. (This is an old drawing, but I forgot to .