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Dodie Clark - Intertwined

jade writing songs (they're all that neat, her final drafts that it)

dodie's makeup pinterest: @ashlin1025

friend does makeup voiceover-sammy paul and dodie clark

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Yes omg Dodie from Thomas Sanders snapchat and the photo Dan posted on Instagram. I SAW THIS

Dodie and Dan lol (I don't ship them btw just think they r both amazing content creators)

“(constantly terrified the next pic I post will ruin my theme lol) hey! U! On instagram. How long…” pinterest: @ashlin1025

I'm so proud dodie has been liking her natural more lately. Get that confidence, girl!

dodie clark 6/10 | Tumblr

i love the new music video so much! as a dancer, i love the little dance movements incorporated to show how she feels and i just ahhh