Wedding Dress Cake

The ultimate wedding CAKE, the wedding gown cake! That's right this life size gown is a massive cake. This thing must weigh a ton.

couture wedding cake

Four-tiered wedding cake features pearl-dusted fondant wrap and is embellished with rhinestone buttons and loops, hand-strung crystal drops, aluminum jewelry wire with hand-tied crystal drops and a stylized lotus flower

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The Formal Wedding Cake Of course, if everything else is going to be formal, the wedding cake should be as well. This beautiful couture-style cake is absolutely elegant and gorgeous and perfect for a formal wedding.

"Peacock Cake".....One bird known for its beauty in the animal kingdom because of the its very colorful feathers is the peacock.

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2-in-1 cake :D

Fun wedding cake for a black and white wedding or a fashionista bride. I just worry about black icing making guests mouths black