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Leopard youngsters.

~~Sibling superstars by Stinkersmell ~ jaguar cubs~~


Jaguar stalking, Panthera onca, Belize by Franz Lanting

Siberische tijger

Beautiful tiger but I wish photographers would stop photoshopping big cats' eyes to shocking blue! None of the big cats have blue eyes. The closest to blue is the Snow Leopard whose gray tawny eyes sometimes show a little blue green.

Witte tijger

Photography by @ (Bridgena Barnard). While tigers are known for their distinctive black and orange stripes, Raja was a “white” tiger.

☾we all share one moon☽

The Amur Leopard.less than 30 or so less in the world.killed for their beautiful fur ~~Amur Leopard Mother and Cub by Ami