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Sea spiders

So not a sea Spider. More like alien facehugger! Seriously though, its a concept facehugger that they never used from alien

Make one special photo charms for your pets, 100% compatible with your Pandora bracelets.  A dolphin playing with bubbles!

Just A Dolphin Playing With Some Bubbles

I'm Jerry. I pinned this to Rachel's board. She told me to make that clear. And so I have.


Funny pictures about Meanwhile in Machu Picchu. Oh, and cool pics about Meanwhile in Machu Picchu. Also, Meanwhile in Machu Picchu.

Oh my goodness. I'm trying to laugh quietly so I don't wake up the roommates.

Lions aren’t very good climbers…

Let's all take a moment to appreciate the fact that lions can't jump 36 feet into the air.

Koala bear :-)

Don’t worry I’m Koalafied to drive — Ned Martin’s Amused

Fishing for Goliath Tigerfish ...

This Deadly river creature is the Giant Goliath Tiger Fish. This river monster can be found living in the Congo River basin, Lualaba River and Lake tanganiyi.

Whatever Floats Your Goat..or Gabriel enjoys water sports....

Whatever floats your goat. I have used this instead of "whatever floats your boat" for about a year. Now I have a picture to prove that I'm not completely insane :)