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Dodge!  Oh my gosh I love this!! :D well i own a chevy but dodge will always be a favorite.lol

That Funny. Being that I owned a chevy truck and it fell apart, but my ford lasted forever but never owned a dodge

'57 Chevy Front End Couch

'57 Chevy Front End Couch

If you are a true Chevy enthusiast check out this beautiful 57 Chevy sofa, created from a real front end and perfected to fit through most patio doors.


we all hate Nissan at the end of the day. I feel as if it should be more accurately, Honda though with their little ugly 'truck' thing. what even is that thing?

Or a basic one... *cough cough white silverados cough cough*

That's why mine needs a face lift. Even if she is old and not as cool as those big lifted diesels I still love her.