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Crinoline Evening Dress, ca. Evening dresses during the Crinoline period typically had much lower necklines and shorter sleeves than dresses worn in the day. Skirts were very voluminous. The fringe on the sleeves of this gown was very popular at the time

LOT 480 SILK BROCADE BALLGOWN, 1865-1875. - whitakerauction

LOT 480 SILK BROCADE BALLGOWN, 1865-1875. - whitakerauction

Crinolines et Cie - Costumes et sorties historiques: Robes crinolines

Coronation gown from House of Worth - Queen of Hungary in She wore a silver brocade gown trimmed with lace and midnight blue velvet bodice with pearl lacing, its design based on the traditional Hungarian costume.

This regency wedding dress from Princess Charlotte is simply stunning with its attention to beading detail and the use of silver threading :) JOY!

Princess Charlotte of Wales' wedding dress, June Prior to Queen Victoria, royal brides traditionally wore silver. Queen Victoria chose a white dress to show off the white lace she wanted to include, which Prince Albert liked

Royal wedding dresses through the ages.

Wedding Dresses of The Royal Family

Wedding gown worn by Princess Charlotte of Wales, June 1816 - silver lama [lamé] on net, over a silver tissue slip, embroidered at the bottom with silver lama in shells and flowers. Body and sleeves to match, elegantly trimmed with point Brussels lace.

Heute trägt der Himmel Seide Kleid red

Costumes: Dresses & Gowns – Charles Frederick Worth silk brocade ball gown plus matching day bodice, Label: C. Worth/Paris in petersham.