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How to start seeds indoors - save money and grow whatever you like!

Seed Starting 101

How to start seeds indoors - save money and grow whatever you like! See these frugal tips for starting fruit, vegetables, flowering annuals and perennials for your home garden.

10 Creative Indoor Seed Starting Ideas - Some of these ideas are really creative!

It's time to start seeds! Don't spend money on pots or seed starter kits. Save money and start your seeds in recycled/repurposed containers. Lots of great ideas!

Best recommended seed starting supplies for indoor seed starting


Want to grow your own plants from seeds? Here's the basic equipment needed for indoor seed starting. Grow a wide variety of vegetables and perennials not available at garden nurseries and save money.

Trying to start your seeds indoors this spring? Learn these common seed starting problems AND how to fix them!

Most Common Seed Starting Problems- and How to Fix Them

Trouble shoot your common seed starting problems. Learn about the top seed starting problems and how to fix them for good!

Easy Plan for Starting Vegetable Seeds Indoors | eBay

Easy Plan for Starting Vegetable Seeds Indoors

Save some money by saving your own seeds from flowers and plants in your garden. Just have to remember where I saved them.

Seed Saving, Preparing for Next Year's Garden Seed Saving, Preparing for Next Year's Garden How to save seeds from a variety of flowers an.

What is Seed Saving and Why Should I Do It? - Self Sufficiently!! I already do this and its an awesome way to save space and keep food fresh. Great idea.

Seed saving is a fun part of a self sufficient lifestyle and is easy! Here are some concerns you might have about what is seed saving and how to do it. Keep Them in sealed glass jars!

Got a garden problem? The solution may be in your house. I've gathered some favorite tips and tricks for using household items in the garden. All of the ideas are frugal. Some of them solve problems, others...

24 Simple Yet Brilliant (or rather good) Garden Problem Solvers

There are all sorts of clever ideas waiting in your kitchen to be used in the garden! Check out these 24 hacks that every gardener should know to solve problems and save money.

Plastic berry containers, like the ones you get from the produce section at the grocery store, make great places to start flowers from seed.

start seeds indoors in plastic strawberry containers-done this with all kinds of plastic containers.