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Vegeta and Bulma. Lol. This makes me laugh every time.

Though Love ! Vegeta and Bulma Meme (Dragon Ball Z Baddass Saiyan Love).

Vegeta and Bulma - S.Valentine by pallottili on deviantART

LOL XD Vegeta and Bulma are love Thanks to & for the translation ^^

When you thought she was single  but she ain't

AKA best tittle: Bitch, that woman is mine. Janemba doesn't like it when people tries to take his girlfriend away. Janemba doesn't take shit from anyone (except Vegetto) Janemba/Buu©Dragonball

Goku's the strongest?

Dragonball Z, Joke, Fan made, Son Goku ; Do not fear anyone!

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I dunno Japanese ppz comment below and tell me what does it say.must be smthing funny

Sorry, father... by GoddessMechanic2.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Raditz reunites with his parents Bardock (father) and Gine (mother) "Yeah no that's fine.

Trunks with Gohan’s Dragonball hat getup à la Saiyan saga is beyond adorable though and B’s Chichi bun is pretty rad…but Vegeta would DIE before he ever wore.

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Super Saiyan Nappa ^I gotta admit, that's pretty funny. For Nappa would grow an epic beard, lol.