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This is a bubble snail known as a Miniature Melo (Micromelo undata) which shares the same class (Gastropoda) as the nudibranchs.the beauty of being a bio major

Sea snail - Sea slug - Zee naaktslak - Nudibranche

Pustulose wart slug taken at Marsa Bareika, Ras Mohamed Park.

It may make me a slug-ist, but if our little munchers looked like this, I wouldn't be trying to kill them.  What does that say about me?

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Oxynoe viridis detail

Dear Bill, I was given these two pictures taken by a local diver, and I have not the slightest idea what is it. My best guess is a slug, possibly related to cerasinu Ceratosoma sinuata (where I saw in your site green and speckle


I saw two of these together, very actively crawling over the algae covered rock surface. Enjoy some of Asia's best critter diving at the Aiyanar Beach & Dive Resort.

Beautiful Nudibranchs: Colorful Sea Slugs. HubPages.

Beautiful Nudibranchs: Colorful Sea Slugs

Beautiful Nudibranchs: these amazing things feed on poisonous jellyfish- cray huh?