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Why does this remind me of the one that said "She arrived in London disguised as a boy"? (This here is the basis for the idea tbh.

Writing prompt: #dialogue prompt #44 "This situation oddly sounds like the predicament Scout had in 'To Kill a Mockingbird.'" "Yeah, except Scout was smart and a little girl. You're a grown man. In a pickle costume. Trying to save the world. That's gotta say something about current humanity."

any Halloween episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. This would have been worse than ghost, princess, and bunny.

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I shrugged them on wistfully. The draft was horrendous. I tried wearing jackets to cover them, but the weather became too unbearable. Soon I had to slink through my days, two bare and empty spots where my wings should be.

writing prompt


Every time you or your partner try to break up, time travelers from the future appear and tell you that the nature of the universe depends upon you being together. It's been four years and you're both miserable.

A unicorn without a horn could just be a horse lying to you.

Write the story of a magical creature missing their species’ key feature (a siren without a voice, a unicorn without a horn, a dragon without fire, etc.)-a siren that can't sing

Dialogue Prompt: "You are driving me completely and utterly mad." "It's in the job description. I mean, literally. You wrote it right here.