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thread spools ~ I love wooden spools of thread!  I used to have a large collection...many of which were from "Coats and Clark", a garment factory just 17 miles "down the road" from my hometown!  :)

I remember wooden cotton spools and have lots of them with usable thread. Hate polyester thread as it dissolves when you have to add clothing sewn with it.

Today was a great day for hanging clothes outside.  I'd love a 4-line clothesline like this one.

Hung the clothes outside to dry in the sun and wind with clothes pins.on the clothes line . Clothes smelled fantastic, most of the time! Sometimes I didnt care for the smell.

Loved growing up like this..

I'm not a kid but I still did all these things. (PS I survived the garden hose)


someday i will have a craft,sewing, scrap booking room to hold my GS meetings in! I can start a project and leave it "out" until it's done.