Comtesse du Chocolat

The Duchess of Cambridge turns 30 today, but the newly wed royal couple have no plans for a big birthday bash at Buckingham Palace. What may be on the royal menu however is “the” chocolate birthday…

Prince William's Chocolate Biscuit Cake (McGrady) - ButterYum  I had been waiting for an opportunity to make the Chocolate Biscuit Cake by  Darren McGrady (chef to Queen Elizabeth) since I first heard about it  around the time of William and Katherine's wedding.  Father's Day was just  such an opportunity - my husband loves all things chocolate, and we had all  the kids home for dinner so I knew I wouldn't have a lot of leftover cake  through the week.   Most of you probably know by now…

Prince William's Chocolate Biscuit Cake

Prince William's Chocolate Cookie Cake by The Chef to the Queen: Good to have on hand, just in case the prince and kate drop by for tea :) A favorite of both the Queen Wills, this was the Groom's Cake by his request. It's a rich, no-bake icebox cake.

Chocolate Mint Fudge Thumbprint Cookies ~ Soft Chocolate Thumbprint Cookies Stuffed with Mint Fudge!

Chocolate Mint Thumbprint Cookies

Dying for Chocolate: Two More Chocolate Biscuit Cake Recipes

I know McVittie's is making the Royal Wedding Chocolate Biscuit Cake , but I couldn't find that top secret recipe.

#123223 - Chocolate Biscuit Cake By TasteSpotting

Another chocolate biscuit cake recipe. I need to try this method. The way I make it, I use butter, condensed milk, cocoa powder/Milo powder and Marie biscuits.

Rachel Allen's chocolate marshmallow biscuit cake recipe - easy baking

Chocolate Marshmallow Biscuit Cake recipe from Lovefood. Ingredients: 450 g milk chocolate, 150 g ginger nut biscuits, broken into chunks, 100 g mini marshmallow.

Prince William's Groom's Cake | Sprinkle Bakes

Prince William's Groom's Cake

Prince William's Groom's Cake | Sprinkle Bakes

Heerlijke chocoladetaartje zonder te bakken. Leuk om met kinderen te doen.

These raw dessert recipes will yield cakes, cookies and tarts -- and you don't even have to turn on an oven or microwave.