Curuba... or, Banana Passion fruit!

or, Banana Passion fruit. The fruits are banana-shaped and have a soft hairy skin. The curuba is picked green and turns yellow when it ripens. The flesh is orange and contains edible black seeds. Once ripe, the fruit has a sweet taste.


Cana de Azucar - Sugar canes (yes, they are in the Fruit family!

afrodisiaque naturel les grenades et leur jus substances précieuses

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Research shows this fruit’s juice has more inflammation-fighting antioxidants than red wine or green tea. Eat some fresh pomegranate or use it in an age-fighting scrub!

Mamoncillo: Un fruit contre de nombreuses maladies!

Mamón also known as Guinep. Inside the skin is sweet and tangy. Crack the green skin of the Mamón with your teeth. Suck the orange part which is the meat of the fruit and you spit out the white/grey seed.