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I absolutely love Niall's another preference- idea from - who do u prefer? Anyone have new ideas?

Requested by @elisabethsandua || I decided on outside weddings cause those were the most pictures I could find... I'm sorry!

One Direction Preference

One Direction Preference- candlelit dinner he makes u

Louis has the sweetest and cutest.and most adorble

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I love my wedding dress:) (Niall)

First and last time posting an imagine. Only because Ed was in it!! <3

First and last time posting an imagine.


Harry's is my dream pool! (I'm dying because of Zayns Bahahahaha!


One Direction Preference - Bows << Harry's girl would have pastel hair.well ok pastels. HERE I COME EXOTIC HAIR i am the queen of bows mofo

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One Direction Preferences the swimsuit he likes on you

Omg that's beyonce---took me a while to get how that was relevant, don't judge me its early

Just call us the queen fandom>>> you mean fandom queen>>>>> Gurl fo real. << yo girl, you know it!

I think the person who made this meant to put shouldn't instead of should:)

Do you not realize the girl is wearing nothing for her legs plus heels AND ITS SNOWING!

I love ice cream sandwiches!!!! I are a whole box in one days. Scratch that, one hour.

Lol an ice cream sandwich

One Direction imagine

So going to where this, once I get a concert ticket