several drawings of people doing different things in the same room, with one person sitting on a bench
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Set of antique Delft manganese tiles with balancing acts performed by acrobats, 19th century

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This rare set dates from around 1890 and was made by pottery Ravesteyn in the Dutch city of Utrecht. The tiles depict 'balancing acts' performed by the 'Famous Polander'. The tiles are based on an 18th drawing, of which a print was made a few decades later. The title of the print states 'Representations of the several surprising performances of the famous Polander, as they performed every evening at Sadler's Wells'. There is an artist known with balancing acts as 'Little Polander', who performed in Sadler's Wells Theather in London. He performed there every evening between 1745 and 1765. Pottery 'Ravesteyn' used the documented balancing acts 150 years later as a new type of Delft tile. The original print can be found online at the website of Victoria and Albert Museum by clicking here.Although the tiles much have been made in significant quantities, the 20 tiles in this set are the only ones we have come across during the past decades. Each tile is decorated with the 'carnation' corner motif. The set has completely been prepared by us to be reused for a tiling project.The displayed price is the total price for the entire set. The tiles are all without restorations. A few have a perfectly glued fracture. Please contact us for a full condition report. Visit our 'Projects' and 'Scrapbook' for more inspiration!