im not really big on tattoos but this one I really like!

When the world seems like a dark and unforgiving place, faith is what gets us by. Faith Tattoos is a great way to sure to remind you that you will…

Photo from _cutegirlytattoos

Sometimes, you need help holding on to hope when life gets really, really hard. These heart tattoos will remind you to not give up on life and love.

agape infinity tattoo. unconditional, never ending love

I really want this tattoo on my side with a cross in the middle of the infinity. Agape is God's unconditional love for us and ours in return.

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Cross tattoo

Love this cross tattoo. The soft rounded details make it very girly and feminine. I love the four points and how they curl into delicate hearts! Maybe on foot


I'm really itching for a new tattoo. I love this idea, but instead of the word hope, put an anchor instead. I love the idea of symbols to depict faith, hope, and love.