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Grey's Anatomy Problems

Grey's Anatomy Problems: I am actually hoping that they bring Addison back on Grey's Anatomy with her husband and child because that would add two new doctors to the show.

Grey's Anatomy Problems

It is real life I put my self in the in the middle of every episode Like I was living the life as a surgeon at Seattle grace hospital. IT IS REAL LIFE


This basically applies to every movie and every TV show in every fandom. This reminds me of a lot of characters. So sad.

Shonda wants to kill us I think

Grey's Anatomy Problems - no joke. I've cried more in this show then I have in my life

# you think every episode of Greys should be 2 hours

Grey's Anatomy Problems You think that every episode of Grey's Anatomy should be 2 hours long. Or maybe just like 5 timers a week on:)