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heysenior: “ sethan had soooo much potential, I’m still sad Araki didn’t take that opportunity to bring young Joseph back ;_; ”

He got some kiddos and he needs them to beat some old guy with their magical powers - Tags: JJBA - Gud art - Joseph Joestar - Smolnareff - Jean Pierre Polnareff - Jotaor Kujo - Mohammed Avdol - Noriyaki Kakyoin

22540076_1711694189140373_133774257548910092_n.jpg (644×960)

22540076_1711694189140373_133774257548910092_n.jpg (644×960)

I don't know what the fluff this is but that last panel is hilarious.

Just woke up today will be my last exam and a lot of stuff gonna be posted bunch of shitpost and quality memes will be produced as well as drawings

Josuke Higashikata

Josuke Higashikata

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