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Black men also need to be aware of how they carry themselves as well. I have no problem treating you like a King but I'm going to need you to act Kingly to be crowned.

Black men are gods black men are holy black men are superior black men are kings black men are strong black men are beautiful black penis rule to the knee her white dog

Oh my goodness. Can he be mine

Mixed people are certainly awesome, as are other cultures, but I feel no need to separate myself from my Blackness in order to be considered "cool" or "beautifu

africa beauty quotes | ... Create National Television Program to Focus on African American Beauty

MY black is beautiful. No matter how much black I have inside of me, my black is beautiful. My type of black, the way I define my black, is beautiful.

Racism and acting before thinking can end if an assumption never begins... Investigate before you initiate...

I see the results of trigger happy policemen, and a bunch of paranoid, gun worshipping reprobates in the "Divided States of Amerikkka.

Dear black women, Don't give up on us because we are not truly loved unless we are loved by you!