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(4) Medieval and Mythology

Kiss - Animal Kissing - Owl Kiss - Owl Couple - Kissing - Tenderness - Happiness - Love - Adorable - Owl Head Bump (Kiss on Forehead).jpg Find out more videos and photos.


Aigle chauve // Bald Eagle ~ Photo by James Geddes: "This eagle seems to be pondering his reflection in the ice. Does he realize it is a reflection? Or is he peering through the ice to the fish below .

Tree climbing goats

Does anyone know where can I get goat seeds?

Tree goats of Morocco.If i was a goat. I would be a tree goat. Oh the sweet life of a tree goat.


Meet Milo, A Barbary Lion. Barbary lions are so much more beautiful than African lions (though they are gorgeous as well). Barbary lions are like the baroque horse, classic and lordly.

This Photo Of Baby Weasel Flying On A Woodpecker Won Our Hearts -- Until We Realized What Was Happening

About This Photo Of A Baby Weasel Flying On A Woodpecker...

Woodpecker and Weasel by Martin Le-May ~ This occurred a few weeks ago and was reported on the national headline news Woodpecker must have pissed of the Martin!

Great Horned Owl 'Buho Real' Photo by Alejandro Ferrer Ruiz on Fivehundredpx

Great Horned Owl 'Buho Real' Photo by Alejandro Ferrer Ruiz on Fivehundredpx Find more beautiful owls at.

Seventh Crow when I saw this I thought of you.  Love and Light  a little birdie told me... ✨Clairaudience through the throat chakra✨

"a little bird told me".Awesome Earring (Cami thinks she has birds in her ears thanks to her Doctor! He makes bird sounds when he looks into her ears!

You think I'm ugly!  Well my Mamma told me I'm the spitted image of Sammy Davis junior! Beat that!!!

thumbs up. ah ha ha, he looks the part, little monkey! Are orangutans monkeys?

Beautiful Mandarin Drake: I've not seen one in person, but it's on my Life List.