Magic Faucet Fountain

This DIY Magic Faucet Fountain seems to magically pour water into a bucket without any hoses or attachments - so how does it work?

Wine Barrel Project Table and Chair

Wine Barrel Table Set - Wine Rack Base with 4 Stools

Wine Barrel Table Set - Cabinet Base with 4 Stools You'll love our wine barrel table set with a wine barrel wine rack base. The wine rack holds 28 of your favorite wine bottles. The barrel is open on both sides so you can load bottles from both direction

Wine barrels have uses even after they are no longer useful in making wine.

How to Cut a Wine Barrel in Half

You can cut a wine barrel in half to create two open-ended containers of equal size. The strong oak planks in wine barrels often outlast their usefulness in making wine, but wine.

Old wine barrel converted into a coffee table. Another great idea for a home library.

Very cool for cigar and or wine room - Reclaimed Half Wine Barrel Table with Tempered Glass Top- we used some barrels to plant as well. They are very useful and quite large.


DIY Self Watering Garden Planter, brighten up garden with bold paints with this cute idea

Stave platter makes a memorable Wedding or Birthday gift made. Finely crafted using the staves (side) of a wine barrel and fitted with quality hardware and rubber feet.Sure to impress the die-hard foodie!

Our speciality is crafting from wood, especially Wine Barrels. We are renown for our wine barrel platters and you know you're purchasing from the original wine barrel people when you buy from Wine.