The more I try to share my feelings, the more I am misunderstood. The more I am misunderstood, the deeper the pain.

Anagepesis. I could write an entire blog post about this. Except...I just don't care enough to. Ha!

anagapesis (n.) no longer feeling affection for someone you once loved. Her anagapesis for him was apparent when she deleted his number from her phone.

pronunciation (best guess) | yu-put-ka (yuh-puht-kah) have a better guess?                                 #yuputka, ulwa, misumalpan, nicaragua, noun, um, tagging is hard guys, skin, crawling, goosebumps, horror, things that go bump, i'm losing track here, words, otherwordly, other-wordly, definitions, Y

Yuputka (from Ulwa) [sensation of crawling on skin] (If you’ve never heard of the Ulwa language, it comes from the Misumalpan languages that have Native American roots!