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Lung on the left non-smoker. Lung on the right smoker. For anyone still smoking time to think again. For anyone saying "but both are still dead" it's pretty difficult to do this analysis on living people's lungs . tends to smart a bit!

Causes of heart palpitations are not what you think.

Causes of Heart Palpitations aren& what you are being told, prolonged qt interval, heart palpitation causes

Human brain and nervous system. It's like the most beautiful tree ...

A map of the human nervous system. The central and peripheral nervous system of a plastinated cadaver are part of the "Body Worlds and The Story of The Heart" exhibit. (Cyrus McCrimmon, The Denver Post )

Eight years ago, the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office launched a campaign called "the Faces of Meth" to address Oregon's methamphetamine problem. The images showed the jarring effects of meth on addicts' faces through before-and-after pictures from their arrest records. recently followed suit with this infographic. Warning: these images are disturbing

This New 'Faces Of Meth' Ad Is Utterly Harrowing

Before & After Meth pretty scary-will show to my girls one day to show them drugs suck! This is so sad how these people actually look like zombies.

A real brain with a good view of the cerebral tonsils: the bulging butt hanging out the back in the bottom left corner. This is the portion squished into the brain stem when a person has a #Chiari Malformation

Human brain is the most energy consuming part of body . The brain represents only 2 percent of the body weight, but it uses up to 20 percent of the body'

What's a fibroid?

A UTERINE FIBROID IS F***ING HELL! Did you know up to of hysterectomies are caused by Uterine Fibroids! Get the facts about fibroids with this infographic.

By: Queue Murphy           Reflexology is an interesting practice.  According to the International Institute of Reflexology, it was practiced by the Egyptian culture as early as 2330 B.C.. ...

A new study reports estrogen fluctuations which are common during menopausal transition could enhance emotional sensitivity to psychological stress.

Brain and spinal cord with the meninges still intact. Viewed posteriorly

scienceyoucanlove: “ Brain and spinal cord with dural membranes (meninges) still intact, held aloft and viewed posteriorly. Below the skull and around the spinel cord are three special coverings called the meninges. You may have heard of the illness.

Whaaaaat?! - Sometimes Reality is More HORRIFYING Than Anything That Can be Made Up! o.O ~LX

Saw a biographical/medical TV show that investigated her and her unusual medical condition.

kidney stones infographic

DASH Diet Could Lower Kidney Stone Risk


Various conditions of the Human Heart. The fatty heart looks worse than cancer! Really makes you think about your health!

Body Worlds Exhibition To Open In Berlin

Body Worlds Exhibition To Open In Berlin


For nonsmokers, exposure to secondhand smoke at home and work can cause serious consequences, such as increased risk of lung cancer. Protect yourself and share to educate others.

Human Circulatory System  -  This is the post of someone who donated the grammar part of his brain for science.

Human Circulatory System

Funny pictures about Human Circulatory System. Oh, and cool pics about Human Circulatory System. Also, Human Circulatory System photos.