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The Stages of Labor and Birth Explained

A detailed look at the stages of labor and what to expect during each of the stages of labor. There are four stages of labor. Also there are 3 phases within the first stage of labor that are also very important.

Birth balls have so many uses -during Pregnancy and after! #inforgraphic #birthing #ball

Birth Balls and Labor - How To Use Infographic

This worked so well for me during labor! birth balls are a must for mamas, doulas and childbirth educators. Pack your hospital bag or doula bag and grab one of these and you'll be ready.

Every baby lays in the pelvis a certain way. This will tell you a bit about labor, birth and how to help ease pain and speed labor.

What To Know About Your Baby's Position During Labor and Birth

The position that your baby is in during the last weeks of pregnancy and the early part of labor will give you a lot of information on how to best handle your discomforts and pain as well as how to speed labor once the time comes. The Fetal Skull The

Cervical dilation, effacement, station and labor hormones explained on this poster #PlumtreeBaby

Physical Changes posters

Stations of engaged head of baby in pelvis

Walking with Dancers: Helping the Baby Engage at The End of Pregnancy. Getting the baby to engage will bring on labor with out the side effects of things such as castor oil and other ingested things.

Epidural anaesthetic

How an epidural works. After an induction, an epidural would be the next intervention used in an un-natural start to childbirth.

Placement of the baby

Height of fundus at comparable gestational dates: Image source: Hytten F, Chamberlain G: Clinical Physiology in Obstetrics.

Chorion and Amnion in Twin Pregnancies...ultrasound showed monochorionic diamniotic. Hoping for the best.

The Shared Placenta Question


measured 30 cm today at 31 weeks tomorrow. Baby is small. :/ I want to fatten him up! But I can't wait to hold his little self!

normal physiology in pregnancy - Google Search

8 Tips To Avoid Having A Premature Delivery- Premature deliveries are those that occur before 37 weeks gestation. There are various disadvantages to premature delivery that affect the health of both baby and mother.

How to make a visual birth plan :) links and instructions

Love the idea of easy to understand images for a qupick reference birthplan.

How to setup and maintain a peaceful environment for labor and birth. Tips for doulas and labor and delivery nurses.

Peaceful Birthing Environment Infographic

Especially for hospital-birthing mamas.// How to setup and maintain a peaceful environment for labor and birth.