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Happy Valentines Day my sweet Sister's.Love all of you.Valentine hugs. Thank you sweet Pamela. Ly

FaTiMa👑__Happy Valentines Day my sweet Sister's.💘💘💘 Thank you sweet Pamela.

Some good photos I made in Camden just walking up and down the street and North Finchley sitting on the bench mainly coz is in quite good spot. A lot of people don`t like being photographed so it`s not a very easy thing. On Monday ,Tue maybe I`ll have a better zoom lens so likely I`ll go again shooting but nevertheless if there are people involved ,moving constantly ,heads turning and so on it`s not quite easy task

Pink Rose---the first flower I have received in such a long time & roses truly are my favorite! Blessings to a real gentleman that sent this!

green rose

"giving the colour of peace,colour of my national flag <# :) Rare Green Rose. Do you love unusual roses


You are a very special treasure in my life, sweet friend. Love and hugs, always.

Saraseragmail.com... Buonanotte!

Animation Blue rose with a butterfly that flaps its wings, the author SIFCO blue rose with a butterfly that flaps its wings, the author