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subaru-wrx-sti - streetshotz: When that check engine light comes.

Bentley... the luxury car that I imagine will be perfect for my age when I can actually afford a luxury car. Love it more now :D

Audi vs Cars

Funny pictures about Audi Ad War. Oh, and cool pics about Audi Ad War. Also, Audi Ad War photos.

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That said, let us not forget that the Ford Torino Talladega/Cyclone Spoiler set the bar for the Daytona/Superbird('s) creation and had US regulations not stepped in, Ford was set to release the King Cobra Torino for

Every bloody time I have to get work done on my car, I look like this

It's never good for you when customers watch you working, or for them. Should herd customers into a well equipped waiting area.