Lego street art Boston, USA

Some examples of LEGO street art as you find it around the world.


In this cool street art project loads of colour is added to street walls and sidewalks all over the world, one lego piece at a time.

Dispatchwork is now a Worldwide project after being part of a contemporary art festival in Italy. If you feel like giving a second life to your (children's) Legos then go out and fill the holes in the buildings in your street. Take some photos and email them here.

Lego bricks in wall. Source unknown, but this is seriously one of the greatest public art projects ever.

We may just think of them as the best toys ever created, but the signature street art from Jan Vormann imagines LEGOs as the rebuilding blocks for crumbling ancient cities. Jan's Dispatchwork project uses LEGOs as patches for damaged buildings across European city centers. He's been fine tuning these pieces for several years now, but the juxtaposition of the bright brick colors against the faded gray architecture keeps the work whimsical

Geek Shot: LEGOs Fill the Cracks

Street art in Bucharest – 9GAG

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Creative ideas and inspiration. Street art in Bucharest. Waterfall mural painted on a flight of stairs.

pushing peace

This may be my favorite bit of street art I have ever seen. Let me set the context. This is a sign in Iran. Obviously the sign is alluding to the myth of Sisyphus pushing a stone up the hill. the brilliance is the peace symbol.

Lego street-art.

I am going to do this with the boys and their lego when they get to old for it.

Street Art - New piece in Cruz de Tenerife - May 2014