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Strax is my favorite homicidal potato too!!!

Strax is my favorite homicidal potato too!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>You know other homicidal potatoes?

Oh brilliant what'd you call him? No, you plum, he's called Tony. He was so touched for like seconds

Doctor Who

Doctor Who

Doctor Who memories

Uuugh, I know this didn't happen, but headcanon anyway, because I love the idea of the Doctor and Rory having an adventure on their own and Rory learning more about the Doctor's losses in that time than even Amy could know.

"For $20 would you burn a fez?" The horror!

Burn a fez? Are u Satan?<<<<i'm Satan, but not even I would do something so horrible like burn a fez!

Of course he did!

When people tell me River and the Doctor aren't married, I get mad. Even though it happened in a time that didn't even end up happening, they married each other and that is that. I think I like the Doctor and River together