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Madam Rolanda Hooch (born before was a strict but caring witch who worked as the Flying instructor, Quidditch referee, and coach at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

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Rolanda Hooch

Madam Rolanda Hooch (b. before was a witch who worked as the Flying instructor, Quidditch.

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For Man Candy Monday, we present our guide to Alan Rickman in historical costume movies and TV, plus some Robin Hood and Harry Potter, because we love you.

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Sirius Black

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Professor Gilderoy Lockhart, O. (Third Class), (b. 26 January, was a half-blood wizard.

Madam Hooch

Madam Hooch

What to wear: A short, spiky wig and a black robe over your button-down. Bonus points if you can wear light-colored contacts.

Luna costume...I think I might have variations of nearly everything in my closet.

Whether it's for a comic con, Harry Potter festival, or Halloween, Luna is a solid choice for a costume. Learn how to piece together a Luna Lovegood costume