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Hummingbird in calla lily. by Banphrionsa

calla and hum hummingbird in a calla lily. Two of my favorite things!

I'm in awe of the way the colors and textures of the bird and the plant look as if they were designed to go together.  #BuenosDiasATodos #FelizViernes

clicking on Content Presentation Strategy leads to advertising site. Beautiful picture, though.

~~Albino Ruby-throated Hummingbird by Kevin Shank Family~~

Albino animals are always a fascinating thing to see in nature-- sometimes they are beautiful, and sometimes they are downright scary! These photos of albino animals have one thing in common: they're all pretty amazing to look at.

The RESPLENDENT QUETZAL is found from Chiapas, Mexico to western Panama in the…

Murfs Wildlife: Resplendent quetzal bokeh photography bird with long green tail