long bob with ombre

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dark brown to auburn ombre hair - Google Search

Red ombre hair does not mean that color will be only red; it is between red and other brighter colors to give natural shine to the hairs.

Cut/color so sassy

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Kylie Jenner new hair 2014 - In love with this hair cut . I would get it a little less choppy more like a long bob but same ombre.


Soft Ombre, long bob & side bangs -- By Taylor Nick, William Edge Salon, Nashville, TN

Ombre Hair - The difference between dip dye and ombré ! Dip dye is a bad trend that needs to go away and ombré is natural gradient tonal effect that is here to stay! It mimics natures way of highlighting the hair as if the hair has been sun washed! Think Victoria Secret sexy! It's wearable to work and contours the layers in your hair cut and design ! Its already a staple in fashion and it's low maintenance, classy, flirty, fun and what girl doesn't want that!?

The Ultimate Beauty Guide: Ombre Hair - The difference between dip dye and ombré!