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VHS | permanent marker on paper, 8 1/4 x 10 1/4 inches, hbt0… | Flickr

Remember recording multiple movies on one tape? I do love that u can find VHS movies for like a but your taking a chance thy dont work, but for a Who cares. I'm glad I still have a VHS player!

Loved this show -emmy                                                                                                                                                      More

55 Things All Early '90s Kids Will Never Forget

Dinosaurs the TV show was the best thing ever ! I use to watch this all the time as a kid !

Need a fun idea for a girls night out or a little girls birthday party?  Make candy jewelry…in the form of red rose rings!

Make Your Own Candy Rings

The were a decade filled with poor fashion choices, outstanding hip hop and alt rock music and the same fan-girling over boy bands that happens today.

Pac Man, my favorite video game of all time!  I am the best at this game!

Had to love playing Pac Man! ~ The only game I could play with my kids. I bought them a Nintendo, moniter and a bunch of games.

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Popples- I had this exact color popple along with a popples sleeping bag. I was also a popple for Halloween when I was about 3 or 4 years old.

Push pop (kioskslik)

The gimmick was that you could control the amount of candy you had by pushing the candy up from the bottom of the base.

Dit lijstje is voor al die lieve moeders van toen.

Dit lijstje is voor al die lieve moeders van toen.

Wicky de Viking. Mijn favoriete serie en op m'n trouwdag hadden m'n broer en zussen er een lied op gemaakt... och och

Things of the past ( ) - Dingen van vroeger ( ) ( Wicky de Viking )