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thesouschef: he went back later and applied

((Aw Prussia, are you sure you don't want to work at McDonald's? They've definitely got an opening open for you!

How guys feel when buying tampons

One of the best pieces of PruHun fanart in existence. Hetalia, Prussia and Hungary~I'm seeing so much PruHun things that I seen before I watched hetalia it's making me reevaluate my fandoms

Russia? Why aren't you ^J^? WHAT THE HELL! THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE!

Hetalia: *finds this picture and gets very confused.* *Looks at France's reaction again and realize what this means* *all start screaming bloody murder* Italy: *sits confusedly in a corner * France: *starts to laugh like a mad man*


California (my oc): uh.*looks at America* um.*looks at Canada* uh.*Looks back and forth at Canada and America* AH! WHO ARE THESE PPL!>>I feel like Canada is the one on the left and America to the right

lol xD:

/Axis Powers: Hetalia/ - Zerochan - Canada & America that is true we don't or not as well as in other countries

My heart...<<< It's dead<<< Watch me as I go drown in my own tears

Oh my god Italy figures out Germany might be holy Rome . I'll go to my emo corner now.