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Pinturas de Andrey Remnev Mix antiguidade com Estilos modernos | Oi-Frutose Revista

The painting style of Moscow based artist Andrey Remnev lies somewhere between antiquity and contemporary. One look at his work, and it should come as no surprise that he studied painting at the Ho…

Portrait painting -Her Majesty The Queen-Owls and Artichokes-Open Edition Print. By Catherine Nolin.

Her Majesty The Queen-Owls and Artichokes Original painting, painting by artist Catherine Nolin

Andrey Remnev (1962, Russian)

Andrey Remnev (1962, Russian)

Genealogy Polina's Portret title unknown title unknown Papagena Chorus title unknown title unknown A Science Of Dreams Horned kichka (bonnet) Gold Hunting Silk Birds Blue Birds (Andrey Remnev official site)

Moscow, Digital Art, Russian Orthodox, Painting Styles, Art Collages, Painters, Oil Paintings, Illustrators, Art Photography

Andrey Remnev - Contemporary Artist - Moscow - Detail

Ukrainian-born Canadian painter* Yanina (Yana) Movchan was born in Kiev. Yana’s sublime mastery of the technique and structure of Renaissance painting* combines with the instinctive symbolism* of "magical realism" to create a personal neo-realist idiom.

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⊰ Posing with Posies ⊱ paintings of women and flowers - Olga Suvorova

Risultati immagini per Andrej Remnev

Risultati immagini per Andrej Remnev

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Remnev, Andrey ) - 2008 Apples of the Hesperides (Private Collection) by RasMarley

Andrey Remnev : (oil on canvas) Olga Suvorova: (oil on canvas)

Andrey Remnev & Olga Suvorova