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Gourd Containers GOURD: The bottle gourd is a relative of squash and cucumbers. They grow on an annual vine and develop a very hard shell, which upon drying, can be cut and shaped, the insides removed, and used for vessels. They are tight, durable, and extremely light weight. A gourd water vessel will sweat, keeping the contents cool by evaporation. Gourds are also good for dry storage as the hard shell deters many pests

Gourd History & Utility - Flour Sack Mama--lots of articles on gardening and homesteading

DIY gourd bracelet tutorial. OMG! Where have you been my whole life?!

An Autumn DIY

I like gourds too much to cut them up.but this would be a really neat thing to do. A cool autumn DIY

"Vintage flag" gourd birdhouse by Hope's art, via Flickr

"Vintage flag" gourd birdhouse by Hope's art - I so have a gourd just perfect to make one of these!

Gourds are fun and easy to grow, and many of the hard-shell types make wonderful houses for common cavity-nesting bird species like chickadees, nuthatches, and martins.

How to Make a Gourd Birdhouse

This guide is about making a gourd birdhouse. You can grow your own gourds and make some comfortable bird houses for many common cavity nesting birds.