Cakes - Taarten

I know I had already said I had done my last cake for the next 6 months in my last post and….here I go breaking it……For the FIRST TIME I made a cake for my birthday …Yeah yeah you heard right &quo.

Lily of the valley wedding cake. Photo via flickr #weddingcake #lillyofthevalley

Love the lilies of the valley but would like blue forget-me-nots on the cake (then it could be an Alpha Phi cake)

Country Living watering can cake

Super Cake Moms, Watering Can This was one of the most amazing collabs that I have been honoured to be a part of, the theme was brilliant.

Spring Gardening

the Watering can is cake 5 layers of mud cake filled with buttercream Fondant covered and painted moulded tiny roses on the 2 bands and a hand moulded rose in the center Flowers are all wired sugar.