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"Entre el estímulo y la respuesta hay un espacio. En ese espacio es nuestro poder de elegir nuestra respuesta. En nuestra respuesta yace nuestro crecimiento y nuestra libertad" - Victor E. Frankl

butsuzo, a small Buddhist statue of a monk in prayer. Hase-dera Temple, Kamakura, Kanagawa prefecture, Japan // photo by Swiftblue

Nara giant buddha

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"Overcome anger by love, ill-will by good will; overcome the greedy with liberality, the liar with truth.

“Worldlings subject to illness, old age, and death, are disgusted [by other people] who exist in accordance with their nature.  “If I were to become disgusted with beings who have such a nature, that would not be proper for me since I too have the same nature.”  39 (9)  Delicate, The Book of the Threes, http://www.wisdompubs.org/book/numerical-discourses-buddha. Theravada Buddhism.

I would love a little home altar. -- Suggestions on Preparing and Maintaining A Home Altar by Kathryn Whittaker Huff jalen says it looks like Buddha is having a birthday; when is Buddha's birthday?


By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Sunday Special) Allah has 99 names; and the Muslim prayer beads have 99 beads. It was a specific locust that invaded from the Muslim world and it wil…

Emerald buddha at doi suteph temple

Poster Print Wall Art Print entitled emerald buddha at doi suteph temple, None