Ship of the Day Kaneki and Touka (Tokyo Ghoul) These two are so tragic, it’s heart braking. She loves him, he knows he loves her but Kaneki knows he got to let her go, in order to keep her safe.


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متعب أن تكون شخصاً طبيعياً لا إنه ممل  Tokyo Ghoul

Firet couple seconds- personal pose-- star boy starts playing-- creepy as shit zoom transition to mass blood bendeing scene.-- zuztara scene of fingers bending down.- lightning flashes of au selfs

Kaneki and Touka #crying #hug #closeup

kaneki x touka tokyo ghoul anime

humans are friends not food<< only repinning for the caption

humans are friends not food -half ghoul half human

Ayato Kirishima Tokyo Ghoul #tokyoghoul #ayato #anime

Tokyo Ghoul ayato kirishima<<This is one of the best Ayato fanart I've…

Ken Kaneki, Hideyoshi Nagachika and Touka Kirishima  | Tokyo Ghoul

Ken Kaneki, Hideyoshi Nagachika and Touka Kirishima

Ken Kaneki ~ The One Eyed King

King of one eyes ghouls my favourite character Ken kaneki

tokyo ghoul √a SUZUYA -

Suzuya juuzou [Tokyo Ghoul] by on DeviantArt

All hail the One Eye King

Tokyo Ghoul:re Kaneki, Eto, Arima